031011-kate-lead-400Who made the red skirt suit Kate Middleton wore last week? Luisa Spagnoli! Here’s a little background information: The Italian ready-to-wear label was founded in Perugia in 1928, and has been helmed by four generations of the Spagnoli family (Luisa’s great-grandchildren currently run the company). The brand entered the spotlight after pioneering angora knitwear,People reports, which is made from the wool of super fluffy Angora rabbits (Luisa Spagnoli even bred them!).The clothes weren’t available outside of Italy until recently, thanks to the brand’s strict distribution policies. Luisa Spagnoli opened a store at Stanford Shopping center and is now selling in the U.S. Fans of the ladylike looks can now purchase the collection in Silicon Valley – Palo Alto, CA.

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